Technologies for tomorrow

What makes GlassThumb so unique is our focus for building innovative technologies that keep our creative juices flowing, help make better user experiences in our applications and help our partners grow their busines

JavaScript One

Our JavaScript One SDK integrates with our GlassThumb application and our BD Touch application. We use it internally and we’ll be releasing several different API’s to allow 3rd party developers to add applications to our GlassThumb applications, receive notifications and extend their own applications as well.


BluTouch can retroactively add additional second screen features to Blu-ray discs that have already been replicated. This allows the audience to re-watch the disc to unlock bonus content not originally on the disc. BluTouch will work with the more than 1000 Blu-ray discs authored by Sony Creative Software DoStudio Authoring Indie Edition 1.9 or greater.


In 2008 we introduced the world to the first Second Screen application for the iPhone. Second screen has become a standard for many around the world and with our new ScreenPair technology we are re-defining what the second screen is. With screen pair a single API can be used to communication with Blu-ray Discs and Streaming technologies. ScreenPair is currently running in our BD Touch and GlassThumb TV applications.


airwhisper is a client server SDK that allows for any application to become an airwhisper Client. Once the application is an airwhisper client it can communicate with our airwhisper Server so the application can be part of a larger automated work flow. Currently airwhisper is integrated with Sony Creative Software DoStudio.