Introducing GlassThumb Atlas, a revolutionary new audio visual ecosystem built on a foundation of principles established by the content producer. GlassThumb Atlas ushers in a new era of global digital content management, a network of expert authoring companies, access to industry leading analytical services and tools and direct access to the GlassThumb TV audience.

Be Seen

GlassThumb TV is one of the most advanced multi screen platforms in the world, with complete social integration, gamification, revolutionary second screen support, DRM and adaptive streaming support. All while running on one of the largest global digital networks with server distribution centers across the globe. GlassThumb TV makes it easy for the audience to enjoy content on their device of choice.

Unprecedented Control

With GlassThumb Atlas content producers have complete control over how their content is seen on GlassThumb TV without negotiations and complicated contracts. This unprecedented control enables content producers to focus on promoting titles while growing and engaging their audience directly.

Built By Experts

The GlassThumb team has leveraged more than 7 years of relationships with hundreds of companies that work with content in over 30 countries to create the worlds first world wide content ecosystem built for content producers to directly reach their audiences without the need to re-license content.

Join our GlassThumb Atlas
Early Access Program

We are currently working with content producers who are participating in a complimentary GlassThumb Atlas early access program. If your company is activity releasing titles on DVD, Blu-ray Disc, or other streaming media platforms you are qualified to join our GlassThumb Atlas early access program. If you’d like to know more about this program please contact us.

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