In 2005 a core creatively technical team began a journey to make history. They came from the video production industry and focused on building bleeding edge solutions that would have a major impact on the industry as a whole. Their work pioneered new software, new business models and gathered together hundreds of industry professionals in more than 32 countries.

They called themselves NetBlender and their vision was to infuse the Internet with video delivery. By the start of 2011 NetBlender had produced more than 1.2 million lines of code, released advanced authoring tools for WebDVD, HDDVD and Blu-ray. Nominated for a technology Emmy in 2005. Invented the worlds first second screen technology, called BD Touch. Helped small to large companies create more then 5000 Blu-ray titles. They were just getting started. At the end of 2011 NetBlender’s Blu-ray solutions were acquired by Sony Creative Software. Today they continue their journey with GlassThumb.


We are growing quickly and while we do not have any specific openings at this time, we are always keeping an eye out for highly creative developers, architects, writers and story tellers to join the GlassThumb Team. If you are interested in joining our team please send your resume to jobs at glassthumb dot com, we’ll keep your resume on file for one year once we receive it. If there is an opening that fits we’ll be in touch with you. Please no phone calls.

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